When something shockingly unfair or absurd happened…

Stage 1 Shock

Bewilderedness and a vague sense of amusement: how interesting that something like this could have happened! WTH?


Stage 2 Denial & Rationalization

No, no, everything is fine. I’m over-reacting.


Stage 3 Investigation 

Cannot get over the feeling that I’m somehow getting screwed over, so I’m compelled to get more data and think.


Stage 4 Joy, Anger & Actions

Ah, the joy of finding things out. Everything makes sense now!

The anger. Oh no, they didn’t!

Gladiator mode activates. Damage control! Get back on the winning side!


Stage 5 Numbing

I’m not in pain. I’m not hurt. I give zero fuck. Zero. And you should leave before I punch you in the face.


Stage 6 Sulking

Woe is me. Life is so unfair and shit just keep on coming (tears).


Stage 7 Acceptance

Shit happens, all the time, to everyone. People screw each other over, either by mistake or by intention. It has happened to everyone who’s ever lived (that’s 108 billion human, y’all).

You can’t stop life from throwing you the first dart. But, you can eliminate the second dart you threw to yourself (Psychology report).

Move on and we can be happy again!